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Eddie Ladoire

Eddie Ladoire

Eddie Ladoire lives and works near Bordeaux, France. After a double career path in decorative arts and electroacoustic music at the Bordeaux Conservatoire, he is now both a visual artist and a musician, composing electroacoustic music and creating sound installations. Cities, landscapes and everyday life are for him fields of experimentation and a source for inspiration.

As an artist/activist, he is equally comfortable with his exhibition projects, where intimacy is omnipresent (Mademoiselle, Piano Piano…), as with his sound productions, in which he invites us to rethink our relationship to sound, to listening, to space.

Author of radio pieces and sound postcards, among others for France Culture Radio (Ateliers de Création Radiophonique, Tapage Nocturne), he has also exhibited at several art centres or contemporary art events, both in France and abroad (CAPC, FRAC Aquitaine, City Sonics in Brussels, Electroni-k in Rennes, Electron in Geneva, various festivals in Montreal…). After touring with Heller, a duo with Parisian composer Sébastien Roux, he founded the Baron Oufo duo (drone music) with Jérôme Alban, another musician from Bordeaux (the album “Frequence Néant” was released in October 2013, label Ruralfaune).

Today, he makes sound creations for exhibition scenography; he composes original soundtracks for movies, the television (Arte, Paris Première) and artists’ videos such as Alain Declercq (for instance: “Mike”, Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris) or Nicolas Moulin. His work is published by French labels such as N-rec, Optical Sound, PPT... He has also developed projects for movie-concerts (“The Lost World”, “Warning from Space” or, with Baron Oufo, “THX1139” by Georges Lucas).


On Bruit Clair

  • Eddie Ladoire : Intimités (Bruit Clair, 2014)

On other labels

Solo albums

  • Eddie Ladoire : Always The Beginning (Optical Sound, FR, 2008)
  • Eddie Ladoire : Tauzia (Tiramizu, FR, 2006)

Collective works & collaborations (selection)

  • Baron Oufo : Fréquence Néant (Ruralfaune, FR, 2013)
  • Heller : 01..05. (Optical Sound, FR, 2005)
  • Heller : 09..03. (N-Rec, FR, 2003)