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Guillaume Laidain

Guillaume Laidain

Guillaume Laidain started to work as a sound artist during his studies at the National School of Art in Grenoble in the 90’s. He spent several years performing as a DJ, a sound artist and an events organizer.

In 1999 he created the electro-rock band « The Garçon » and spent several years performing in venues and art galeries.

In 2005 he decided to focus his energy back to something more personal and thus entered the National School of Music in Bordeaux (following Christian Eloy’s electroacoustic class). Since then he's been performing in various venues and music schools in France, showing a real interest in multidiffusion systems. He's been working in collaboration with several other musicians, artists and writers (such as Olivier Cadiot, Eddie Ladoire, Delphine Brétesché, Micha Derrider...), and received several grants from various french organizations (SACEM, DRAC...).

Now he has come naturally back to his visual and installation work.

« My creations are based on the organization and the appropriation of our daily sounds including noises. In order to extract from them their musical potential, I mainly work on what we cannot hear and what we do not want to hear ».

Photo © Sifichi


On Bruit Clair

  • Guillaume Laidain : Instants Mobiles (Bruit Clair / PARA_SITE, 2010)

On other labels

  • The Garçon : The Garçon (Optical Sound, FR, 2007)